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IV saline is given at a clinic of some sort, prescribed by a doctor, and most people have infusions once maybe twice a week.  I would imagine it varies with the person, though.  Those that I know that get IV saline infusions have them done once to twice a week.  It helped my daughter after her spinal fusion surgery recently.  They tried to stand her up one day and she passed out.  She had no compression socks on and no IV saline before attempting, so, of course, she passed out.  It helps keep the volume up in your blood vessels to keep the blood circulating well.   The only side affect???  It makes you pee!

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I've gotten fluids done once a week at my doctor's office during my summer slump the past few years. I get 1.5 liters at a time. When I was pregnant and barely functional, I had fluids done at home every day.

A concierge IV place has opened up in my area, so I've been getting them done there this year (my doctor has gotten so many patients that it's hard to get scheduled with him now). I pay out of pocket but it's not too bad ($75 for vitamins and 1.5 liters of saline). I have run this by my doctor but the IV place (calls itself a hydration station) has a PA there and doesn't need a doctor's note or anything. They promote themselves for people with hangovers, jet lag, recovering from an illness, etc. to come in as needed.

I flew to Vancouver recently and I found a naturopathic place that did IVs and got one there too before flying home. In big cities you can find these kind of places.

Sometimes I feel like it helps more than others. The first IV I got this summer made me feel like super woman. But recently I haven't felt as much of an impact.

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I'm currently going to a hospital infusion center for 1 liter of IV fluids twice a week. It is extremely helpful for me and ive been doing it for about 2 months this time around. I see benefits for at least 48 hours, with some help out to 36 hrs. Not really any benefit beyond that. Mostly it improves my blood pressure, I have a pacemaker that helps with heart rate, Without the fluids I've been passing out on avg 4 times a day. On infusion days I almost always don't pass out, also true for the next day most of the time. We are just starting to try PT after fluids, started yesterday but didn't go well... Maybe next time if we do less, I'm also fighting a bone infection in the L4-L5 vertebra, and discitis. Which of course is a contributing factor...

Previously I have also had them at home for short periods of time. As I also have severe gastroperesis which causes dehydration, my GI Dr has ordered them as well. These were done every day,  1 liter each time. Once it was 2 litters every 2 days but I had more benefits from 1 once a day. Again, more help with BP than hr.

I personally prefer them at home as it is both easier and faster, also every day has more benefits for me. Right now it's an hour drive to the infusion, hour and a half there, an hour home, and now we are adding PT.  I cannot drive so this also means a huge interruption for whoever taking me. At home we can run the fluids when convienent for us, but we did run them around the same time every day. I also was not tethered to a pole as the pump did not have to remain upright, so it didn't interfere with tasks of daily living, as much anyway.

Currently not doing them at home because I do not have any indwelling longer use catheters. Due to the fact that I've had 7 sepsis events all of my Drs are concerned about the risks of placing a picc or a port. My cardio who ordered my current fluids possibly wants to have a port placed after my back infection heals but I want him to consult infectious disease first. I don't say this to scare you, having this many blood infections is not normal, just let you know there are real risks. Especially if sterile protocol is not strictly enforced, also NEVER let them place a line, if possible, while you have an active infection.

Hope it works out for you!

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Hi all :) I'm fairly new to my diagnosis, but have suffered for years. I tried increasing fluids and salt, but still had bad symptoms. Severe allergic reaction to Florinef. Drugs aren't really an option for me so I tried Saline IVs. I first tried 3 times a week but found that daily was the best.

I am currently trying to get a PICC line to be able to do IVs at home. 

Because we are all different and often have more than just POTS going on, I think you just have to work out what's best for you. 

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