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varicose veins?

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Hi there,

Ive been looking at my feet and noticed i have quite a few varicose veins. I noticed these when i started developing my Pots Like symptoms. I havn't been diagnosed yet but like i said befor im 99% posative i have it, im awaiting my TTT next month.

Would varicose veins indicate blood pooling in the feet? Do anyone else have these?

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logically speaking, it would seem to me that if one had a tendency toward vericose veins & also had problems with blood pooling or visa versa, either could make the other worse. as a general rule though vericose veins aren't an automatic with blood pooling...i personally have pretty significant/ visably noticible pooling & no vericose veins....& have had the pooling for years.

good luck,


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The way I know when when my blood is pooling is my legs get red/purple with white splotches and then the veins in my feet get big (probably because they have so much blood in them) and my legs and feet get very itchy. The TTT was miserable because my legs and feet were so itchy plus everything else that goes along with that test. But varicose veins do allow more blood to pump through so I would think that that may make pooling worse. Good luck with your TTT.

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