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So for the past 6 months or so, whenever I have blood drawn I am asked if I am on blood thinners. The answer is no. I had to have a tooth extracted and ended up horribly black and blue with severe swelling. Took awhile to stop bleeding. The oral surgeon suggested I see a hematologist but they won't see me without some type of diagnosis or referral. My GP checked clotting factor which was in normal range on the low side.  I do take ginger for migraines and also use a lot of olive oil due to migraine triggers. Could this alone cause such an issue. Can't stand having more or worse migraines than I currently have. Took a half ibuprofen yesterday and had stomach pain and nausea so won't try that again.   Any thoughts team :).  Thanks in advance.

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If you need more clotting, one thing that could help would be to eat vitamin K, leaf greans. But if you are having clotting factor issues have your sed rate and vitamin k levels checked. I wouldn't change anything without finding what exactly is wrong first. 

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