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Help need a Dr to diagnose mast cell activation syndrome near Cleveland OH

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My POTS Dr in Toledo referred me to a Boston Dr for possible mast cell activation syndrome and I need a diagnosis before they will see me.  having trouble with my throat and tongue swelling, body pain and a whole list of uncomfortablness.   Now on h1. & h2 blockers as a preventative but symptoms are still creeping up.  Finally fought for an epipen this week at my primary.  It's just so scary walking around like this.   my Dr referred me to an allergist but won't see me to end of September, feeling like I'm getting on the same run around roller coaster I did when trying to get my POTS diagnosis.  DOES anyone have a recommendation for a mast cell literate DR qualified to diagnosis me near me in NE OH?    Having a really bad day and feeling quite depressed and scared.  


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Hi Kim,

I understand what you are going through.  I would recommend Michael Waickman MD in Akron OH.  Patients travel hours to see him.  He is an allergist/immunologist and is top notch.  But it does take about eight weeks to see him as a new patient.  He literally saved my life several years ago and I still see him today.  He is thorough and really cares.  I am fortunate to live in Akron but I would drive from anywhere if I moved!

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