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Dr Jeffery Cohen or Boston Dr for hyperadrenergic POTs


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I am traveling to  the USA from Australia next week. I will be staying in New Hampshire and Boston. 

I have hyper POTs and have a lot of trouble doing anything vertical without tachycardia dizziness tinnitus and tremors.

i am thinking of trying to see a specialist whilst I am in the states. It will be very expensive as my health cover won't cover the expense and of course the Aussie dollar is low., however if there is someone that you really think is worthwhile seeing it would be worth the expense. I will be staying near Dartmouth so I saw that Jeffery Cohen practises there. Otherwise I could see someone in Boston. 

Currently I am taking Clonidine. I also have Addison's disease so I am already taking florinef. 

Thank you in advance for any replies to assist me 

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How long are you planning to be in the States? My guess is that most specialists will be booked far in advance, making it hard to get an appointment while here. You could try calling the office before you leave to see if there are any cancellations or if they can work you in, considering you are from overseas. 

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That's right, I had to wait about 9 months each to see specialists at Vanderbilt and Cleveland last year - and Mayo refused me outright, said they had too many requests for appointments so they wouldn't even wait list me.  Maybe you can find a provider who is willing to work with you regarding the expenses (Cleveland was so good - I didn't even really have to ask, they set up a payment plan so I pay $75 a month).  You should definitely ask.  Good luck, Shood, I hope someone can see you while you are here in the States!

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