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When I drink water...???

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When I drink water, I'm more dizzy and fall more.  I normally drink milk (excellent electrolyte).  We ran out of milk so I drank water.  I fell (hard!) 10 times today and fainted once.  My blood pressure was 20 mmHg higher than usual and rose when standing, so definitely not OH.  I was eating salty snacks all day.  Why would I be more dizzy and fall from drinking water?  Makes no sense.

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Hi there. Brc-- man, I'm really sorry you experienced those events. I hope you didn't injure yourself :( Do you pass out every day?

 I wonder if your sensitive to the bp changes like the sudden onset of an increase (see below) or if it's due to a temporary shortage of oxygen or.blood to your brain. My doctor told me that when I feel pre syncopal to drink two bottles of water within 2 to 3 minutes. Drinking pure water at that rate increases sympathetic nervous system activity, constricts blood vessels, and energy expenditure. The red cross did a large study on syncope and blood donors tosome years back, they found drinking 16 ounces of water before giving blood reduces fai6nting episodes by 20%

Some other thoughts...had you just exercised? Maybe your electrolytes could be slightly off.  Do you have your period?   I'd like to know the answer to this also, do you mind if we include this in our upcoming Medical Q&A Column in the DINET Newspaper? Our Dysautonomia/POTS Medial Experts answer member questions.

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