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POTS physician Quebec, Canada


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Hello!!! After a severe head injury I was diagnosed with POTS syndrom.  I am a carpenter and I hit my head on a scaffolding while jumping on the previous floor... I had a major concusssion. I cannot work anymore.  I tried to go back to work, but it is physically impossible. I met 3 neurologists , a sports physician and a cardioloigist. They all same the same thing....However they don't know what to do with me. 


Pots syndrom is something pretty new in the province of quebec. My head injury took place at work, and my insurance company tells me I am the first person ever to have this problem. Nobody seems to know what to do with me.  Even the doctors are unsure about the treatments....


So, we are looking for treatments...doctors...anything??? I live in quebec city canada. I am willing to go to NY , Ontario...the maritimes..or further if I have to.


Thanks a lot!!



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Hi Louis,  welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear that you've had a rough go of it. Here is our DINET physicians list with the doctors listed in Canada familiar with dysautonomia. I hope you can schedule with someone soon. All the best to you! Sarah 

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