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Reasons You Purchased a Wheelchair

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Please note I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet. When I went off work six weeks ago, I was so fatigued and felt so ill standing and walking that I decided to get a secondhand mobility scooter off eBay. Turned out to be a great decision. Got so fed up of being in the flat and basically it was my way of carrying on as 'normally' as possible. I've since bought a folding manual chair for times when it's too much energy to get the scooter out compared with the energy saved by using it or when a scooter is not practical (e.g on public transport, in smaller spaces). I can be pushed by my partner and indoors (e.g. a shopping centre) I can do some pushing myself. It's all about keeping on going as much as possible.

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I have used a manual chair for 5 years do to presyncope and syncope, especially on standing. Currently working with insurance to purchase a new chair better suited to my needs for both safety and increased mobility and independence.  The one we are looking at is a rigid frame sports chair with a removable motor that attaches in the rear for longer trips or when I'm doing poorly. Still have not quite determined if there will be a safety issue because I do pass out randomly on occasion. Hope you find what you are looking for!

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