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Why salt increase?

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I was just curious why to increase salt? My neuro never told me this I just read it here. I've added some salt to my water but it doesn't taste that good. It did calm my headache alittle. I've always learned high salt diets are bad for you. My question is how does the salt help? I believe it helps but my husband asked me why up salt intake and I had no answer for him. I know you smartie pants would know the answer to this. Also how much salt? Is there a specific recommendation or just as much as you want?

I'm cluless about alot of this stuff but am eager to learn.


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My doctor told me to increase my salt intake to about 5,000 milligrams a day. The reason for this is to bring up my blood pressure. I have very very low blood pressure because of my POTS. The best way I get enough salt in my diet is by taking salt tablets. I would ask you doctor before you add salt to your diet. It can be dangerous but for me this is part of my treatment.

Good luck,


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Check this out http://www.dinet.org/what_helps.htm

This is also from the same link shown above......Increasing salt can help POTS patients to feel better. Normal subjects reduce urinary sodium excretion on assumption of upright posture, but patients with orthostatic intolerance do so ineffectively (Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center, 1999). Impaired renal sodium conservation can contribute to hypovolemia (Streeten, 1999). Increasing salt is an effective way to raise blood pressure in many patients with orthostatic hypotension. Salt helps to expand blood volume. Some patients find salt tablets and/or electrolyte solutions to be helpful. Physicians suggest patients take 10-15 grams of salt daily (Low, 2000). Salt is 39% sodium, therefore 15 grams of salt equals 5,850 mg of sodium.

You need to check with your Dr though. Sometimes I do well to add extra salt in my diet and sometimes I start having a blood pressure that is too high and have to cut back on the salt even if it is helping me retain the fluid.

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you've already been given lots of good feedback & info in terms of the "why" behind the high salt, but i just wanted to throw one other thing in...i admire your efforts but i don't know anyone who could tolerate actually drinking salt water...i think it would make me gag immediately. IF you get the okay from a doctor for high salt living (and...as you referred to in terms of the low-salt mentality of most of the world...lots of funny looks from folks while you pile on the salt) there are a lot of options in terms of how to get it into your diet. i had a really tough time with salt pills (my stomach didn't like them) years ago & i've since simply acquired a taste for high-salt foods. i know some add salt in gatorade & say it's not noticable; i haven't tried. but there are lots of high-salt foods out there; and a salt shaker can make anything nice & salty.

like others have mentioned, definitely run the dietary change by a doctor first. unless you have high BP it's pretty safe but you should still check. i do find it interesting that it wasn't mentioned to you at all...it's usually a stand by with a new diagnosis...

good luck!


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