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OMG. $2k surprise bill for TTT which wasn't even done right!

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I had my TTT in January and it came back with absolutely nothing helpful. It was ordered by, and a prerequisite for seeing, a neurologist at the hospital that performed the test. I learned later that it wasn't done right and others have had false negatives there. Grrrr in itself, right??

Just now, after everything is closed for the weekend, I got a $2,000 bill for the testing (which I will be repeating elsewhere after seeing a new doctor in August) . I have very good insurance company which they had recorded months before the test, and was never told there would be ANY bill let alone a giant one. I don't mind a copay, but seriously? The bill says insurance company but says they paid ZERO. What?!?! It was ordered by a doctor and totally legit. I've absolutely never had trouble getting my insurance to pay for anything... I don't even need referrals although I did have one. Anyone have an idea to explain before I spend the whole weekend freaking out?? Not to mention, almost 5 months later...

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Guest KiminOrlando

Why did it reject? What reason did the EOB give you?

It may be that the doctor's office coded it with the wrong diagnosis code. I think they call it ICD 10 coding. I wouldn't freak out about it yet. See if the doctor's office will help you out by either correcting the coding or appealing the decision on your behalf. There are a lot of things that can happen between now and the time someone actually has to pay. Most doctors will work with you. I fight these battles all of the time.

It usually works out. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. 



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Guest ANCY

I wouldn't get to worked up over it till you talk to someone. On many occasions I've had hospitals send me large bills for hospital stays and surgeries, come to find out they all together skipped billing insurance, despite having verified all my info beforehand. 

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