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Transient prickly itching in POTS?


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I have noticed an increase in transient itching/prickly sensation on various body parts since being diagnosed a few months ago.  Often in my legs/feet and arms/hands, but also back and abdomen.

It lasts for a few seconds but comes back often, in the same place or in different places.

Do many other POTS patients have this?

What specifically causes this sensation in POTS patients?

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I wish I knew what caused this!

Though I suspect I have mast cell activation which I suppose would account for the itchiness. I scratch so hard I bruise all the time, especially legs. I'm constantly itchy I'm random places. 

Wish I knew how to help, just thought I'd let you know you're definitely not alone. Take care

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Thanks for the links.

Does this type of prickly itching happen in patients without small fiber neuropathy?

I had two biopsies for SFN.  The first was positive, the second was negative (a month apart).  Both were done in the same locations, maybe a cm or two apart.  I put more confidence in the second because it was done by a really good doctor who specializes in SFN (coincidentally it was Dr. Lan Zhou who co-authored the second article you linked) while the first was done by a lab.

I also have burning in the legs and feet which are common symptoms of SFN, but no numbness.  So it's possible this itchy and prickling sensation is a sign of SFN.

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I'm obviously not a doctor, by my guess is that the first positive biopsy would be a pretty definitive result for SFN (even with a second negative result) as it would have shown nerve fiber damage. I think this is particularly true if you are having sensations that are consistent with SFN. That said, there may well be other reasons why POTS patients might get  sensations similar to SFN, which I'm not aware of.

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