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Florinef and pregnancy

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Thank you Corina, my POTS is doing well and is under control and i want to have a baby! I am still taking florinef daily and am getting ready to ween off of it. I have moved recently and get to see Dr. Chemali in Norfolk, Va (i guess he opened up a full autnomic lab there), and am hoping he can guide me through the whole pots and pregnancy thing as that is uncharted territory for me. :)

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I'm not yet diagnosed, but had POTS-like symptoms since 2004.  I've had 2 kids since.  I was on bedrest 3+ months with each pregnancy.  I had bad symptoms after the first pregnancy.  The second pregnancy was "partial" bedrest, I had more symptoms during pregnancy than after, but my OB and nurses blew me off.  I've had awful care experiences during pregnancy and delivery along the lines of treatments without consent.  Hubby and I are trying to conceive again, but will probably seek only limited prenatal care and probably a home birth.  Likely out of necessity since I have precipitous labor and live 30 minutes from a hospital if hubby drives (but somehow took an ambulance a whole hour!).   :sigh:

I'm seeking diagnosis, but not pharmaceutical treatment because of trying to conceive.  I'm also very interested in POTS + pregnancy topics.  Please post updates as you move through this!  

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