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Mom K.

Subcutaneous hydration

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My young adult daughter has gastroparesis and is unable to consume the amount of liquid needed to help manage her pots. Has anyone read any studies regarding hydration with the use of subcutaneous saline hydration instead of IV fluids? I haven't been able to find any with a general google search.  Has anyone had experience with sub Q hydration?

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Hi Mom K.

Sorry to hear your daughter is having that much trouble with gastroparesis. I don't have any experience with subcutaneous fluids, but I do have gastroparesis. What kind of gastroparesis meds do they have her on? They put me on Domperidone and it changed my life. I think you have to have a specific kind of gastroparesis for it to work and it isn't FDA approved, some some doctors are hesitant to prescribe it. Maybe you already tried it or maybe her type of gastroparesis doesn't work with this med. I don't know, but I just had to ask. 

I hope you find something that works for her. 


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Saline IVs do help. I haven't had it by Subq though, only into my veins. I do feel better after saline IVs. I mostly hydrate by fluids orally especially Gatorade and electrolyte water. I would recommend tracking her intake of fluids daily and try to increase a little everyday. That is how I built up my intake of fluids.

I take Domperidone for my Gastroparesis. It is the only thing that helps me to eat and sustain weight. Like mentioned, it is not approved in the USA. I get it from Canada from my PCP prescription sent to a pharmacy there, who ships to me back in the USA here. There was nothing else that worked.

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