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Finger issue/ulnar nerve damage?

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Hi everyone.

A month ago I woke up with a general feeling of weakness in my right hand and a very strange sensation in the right pinky...it's not a numbness or a tingling, it just feels WEIRD, like it's got a rubber glove on it. The sensation radiates when pressure is applied to the ulnar nerve. The finger itself is also more extended when i spread my fingers out than my left pinky, and when i softly close my first, my right pink doesn't stay down as far as the other fingers. I saw my PCP and he said he thought I might have damaged my ulnar nerve by whacking my funny bone (ENTIRELY possible, I am very clumsy) and to monitor it for the next month and then if it was still going on to perhaps have an EMG/neuro exam. Well a month has passed and it mostly went away except for a few sporadic days like today when I'm experiencing the strange sensation and weakness.

My neurologist is someone I see in Boston strictly for POTS and I live at the other end of the state so I have to see another local neurologist for this new fun thing. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't think it's POTS related but has anyone experienced this type of thing and then fond out it was related to POTS nerve issues?

Any feedback you could give would be helpful. Thanks!

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