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Question about a positive Cunningham Panel


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By way of background, a Cunningham Panel is a test developed by researchers at the University of Oklahoma to identify autoantibodies in the brain.  If one has PANDAS or PANS symptoms, this test can be used to detect the physical presence of substances that the brain is producing.  So, my question is: what might several elevated biomarkers of the Cunningham Panel point to in the absence of suspected PANDAS, PANS, or other neuropsychiatric disorders? I understand that this might still be in the process of being researched, though.

The reason I ask is that my 23-year old daughter has a confirmed diagnosis of postural orthostatic syndrome (POTS), which is a form of dysautonomia, along with autonomic neuropathy. Her doctors believe that the POTS is being caused by some other underlying disorder which has yet to be diagnosed. The Cunningham Panel was ordered to investigate further evidence of autoimmunity, since this was suspected, but none had been identified thus so far. Although she does suffer from fatigue, chronic tingling/numbness, lightheadedness, brain fog, GI and other symptoms, they can all be explained by POTS.

The confounding factor is that she does not have any of the neuropsychiatric symptoms that people who have PANDAS or PANS demonstrate.  So, I wondered if elevated results in the absence of neuropsychiatric symptoms are clinically significant. And if so, I wondered if that generally indicates autoimmunity or inflammation in the central nervous system, or something more specific, although not necessarily PANDAS or PANS.

I realize one can't solicit medical advice on this forum, so I am more interested in getting a better scientific understanding of what this test means.  I have tried to contact the company that sells this test, but they have referred me to my daughter's doctor.  However, I'm looking for additional information to verify anything I might learn from that route.

Thank you in advance for any general information you could provide.



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