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Not eating enough and heart racing


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Due to circumstances I have been unable to eat enough food for the past few days. Today I was able to get some money to buy myself something to eat, like ramen, and I had around a serving and a half. I also had some chips and a chocolate bar before going into work. The ramen was after work. I am also unable to eat anything more because I feel full, and the food keeps coming back up. It sucks.

I know that not eating can cause heart palpitations because of low blood sugar, but is it supposed to continue after I eat? I thought eating would help with that. I mean it did lighten the nausea somewhat.

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If you've really been malnourished for days, it can cause a lot of stress on your body, and it wouldn't be surprising that you would get heart palpitations. Also, I don't want to be too preachy, but there is pretty much zero nutritional value in what you were eating. If you have POTS, the sodium content of the ramen might be helpful, but if it's the instant stuff, the processed nature of the ingredients and the preservatives probably make it a moot point. Might I suggest cooking some rice in chicken broth? That's a standby for me when I have trouble with my appetite, and it's quite cheap. I toss in some carrots and chunks of ginger root, too, occasionally, and when I feel I can handle more. Toast is another good one, especially with nausea issues. Salty crackers may help, or chicken noodle soup. Applesauce is a good way to get some other nutrients in there, and it's comforting when it's heated up. 

All the best. It will get better.

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