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Fatigue is getting the best of me

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For the past few weeks the fatigue & exhaustion I've been experiencing has been awful. I try to do a few things here and there and then it just wipes me out and I will sleep for several hours. I've also been sleeping more at night. So I know I'm not sleep deprived..it just feels my body can't get enough sleep. It also doesn't feel like I've slept too much, so I don't think that's the problem.

I have had bouts like this before and I seldom know what causes them. Does anybody have any ideas for how to get out of this slump or anything that has helped them?

I don't have any infection or fevers. It is possible my thyroid has declined again and I need medication adjustment but I'm so tired of Dr's that I want to wait another week and see if this improves before having to pay for more lab work.

I get discouraged because normally I'm organized and on top of things and I'm having trouble just keeping up with paying my bills on time and handling insurance claims etc etc. All I want to do is watch tv (because it requires no energy and I can lay down) or sleep.

Is anyone else like this? :unsure:

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When I get like this I do find that significantly increasing salt intake helps--along with fluids. While you want to give your body the sleep it is telling you it wants, remaining prone for lengthy times actually can make POTS symptoms worse. Even if you are feeling really tired, it is good to try to move around, take a walk, do some floor exercises.

Take care and hope you are out of this yucky cycle soon. I am there too.

Does it have anything to do with the full moon?! I realize this sounds pretty weird, but I have noticed that I can feel worse at the full moon. I think there was a thread discussing this about a year ago, and also the variations of gravitational pull associated with the moon cycle. We can be so sensitive, that it seems within the realm of possibility that there could be a connection.


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Poohbear (I really like your name!!!),

I can't really help you with this. I don't know what might cause it. I have sleeping trouble as well, fall asleep during the day at times, can't sleep through the night. Have no idea what causes it. I once told my doctor but he didn't know what to do about it.

So, all I can say is that I'm very sorry you're having such a difficult time.

Take care,


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I dont know what maybe causing you fatigue, all I can really say, is i understand and know where you are coming from.

I get bouts of severe fatigue, where all i can do is just sleep.

Sometimes that is the best thing to do it sleep.

I know its not an ideal answer, because it makes you feel like you are slepping your life away, but maybe it is your body just trying to tell you, Hey I'm tired!

good luck and I do hope that you pull out of this bout of fatigue soon.

best wishes


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Im sorry your feeling so fatigued. I get like that often. The slightest thing will set if off. Are you keeping a food/activity journal. I have been doing that for years just to see whats going on with myself. Sounds funny but when you have 2 or 3 years of a journal to look at you can see patterns or pick out things that you wouldnt normally notice.

I started Yoga a few months ago, I got a tape. It was really hard to stick with at first. Sometimes I would do a position for like 3 minutes then just lay down on the rug and go to sleep. I find now that Im getting to the mind body thing yoga is all about. It is helping me with fatigue and with anxiety.

I have to tell you my yoga story. My friend jenn and I took a yoga class a few years ago. We would go with our mats and our books and we were real into it. The instructor was this ancient man. He was like rubber band man. We would watch him with complete amazement. He would wear these little yoga shorts and when he did certain positions well his (stuff) would fall out. OMG me and jenn would fall over and just roll laughing. We couldnt take it anymore and had to quit the class. I just couldnt bring myself to tell the man to tuck it in.

Cheer up Pooh, the slump will end. Cant you just call your doc and see if you could go to the lab or something just for a blood draw, much better than an actual appt.



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if it makes you feel any better the story of my life is that i cannot keep up with things! bills, piles of mail, papers, emails, correspondence, etc! drives me nuts...b/c it's not that i'm unmotivated just no energy!

anyway, sorry, little vent on my end. i am sorry about the level of fatigue you are experiencing. the cycles i go through rarely make sense, and sometimes although it is good to try and do as much as you can in a day, just getting through the day is all you can do...that in itself is an accomplishment, you have to just really tune in to your body...sometimes it will just figure itself out on its own.

i have extreme fatigue, but can't sleep well or sleep really at all during the day...so i do a lot of just sitting outside, listening to books on tape, etc.

i am a bit extreme sicne i am so low functioning...but sometimes our bodies just need a little extra rest with this illness i guess...but it is so hard!


p.s. i am not sure that i ever officially welcomed you here...you came here during my time of being totally out of it think...i just wanted to let you know that i have really enjoyed reading your posts and 'getting to know you' over the past few weeks, as i get more caught up...

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Guest tearose

I wish I had that illusive answer! Know that you are not alone in this profound fatigue. I too have done my time flopping my heavy head and tired body on the sofa watching tv!

I sure hope it does pass soon! I usually try a combination of lots of rest and a smidge of activity.

I know, really do know how hard this is to ask of you...can you do just 6 leg lifts? Just try to do something to force yourself to stay in shape! I think my favorite activity when I am in ragdoll mode is to crawl down onto the floor and sit with my legs out in front of me. Then I kinda walk forward on the floor just moving my legs and bottom up and forward. It is not too strenuous, it is a low impact activity and I am close to the floor if I need to keel over! :)

I never wanted to be able to answer yes to the question "have you become de-conditioned?"

I too like being organized and at times like these it is an additional frustration to see piles of papers and dishes and dust start to appear! After you rest come up with a plan of attack for getting sloooowly back into these tasks. Start in one corner of the room and go around. Take all your tasks and break them down into smaller pieces. Just do what you can. Trust me, by Thanksgiving, all will be back in order! :D

Hey, at one point I began to say I had "pets" bunnies...which was my humorous way of dealing with my third generation family of "dust bunnies"!

You and your loved ones matter most. You will climb out of this potshole...rest a little and dig a little.

Best regards, tearose

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Hi Poohbear - I'm soryr you are having a rough time with Fatigue. I think all the suggestions on here are good ones.

I have to agree that activity can actually turn it around.... if I am in a flare I work out on my Total Gym...or go uut for a bit and run some errands... anything to be acitve and upright.... it helps me much more than lying in bed would.....

Of course you have to balance it...sleep when you need it, but make sure to get up and around for a period of time.

I guess that would be all the advise I could give you.

I hope you feel better !

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Hello! Sorry to hear about your extreme fatigue. Fatigue is definitely my worst symptom.

You are not alone! I just got over a bought of horrible fatigue that lasted about 3 weeks. For me, I have ok weeks and then really tough weeks and i don't know what changes for me either. I have been forcing myself to walk a little bit each evening - when I feel my best. At least I know that my muscles aren't wasting away this way.

Hang in here, I know this can be extremely frustrating and discouraging!


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For me, the more I sleep, the more tired I feel. I cap my sleep most nights at 9 hours. I do not nap for more than 20 minutes unless I am severely ill.

I try to walk or exercise, stretch, read something interesting, do something fun that will keep me awake and engaged. I am into gardening so I do that this time of year. Many mornings I don't want to get out of bed, but am so glad I do a couple hours later, when I am working with the birds chirping and the sun shining.


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Thanks to everyone for your replies and support!! I do stay active so that isn't the issue (although some days I'm less active than others). For me, when I get like this I can't help but sleep and I don't have the problem of the more I sleep the worse I feel...it's the opposite which is how I can tell my body really needs the sleep. I find on some days I can do very little, other days, like today, I got out and purchased a few things at Wal-Mart, went to my church bldg and addressed a few cards, picked up a prescription and wrapped a gift and I am wiped out. It also bothers me because I realize that even though I was up more today, if I had a job where I had to think or concentrate there is no way I could do it most days. I get fearful that I will never be able to work again.

Now I've got my LTD people on my back again (as of today) wanting more forms filled out about my daily living activities and I don't really know how to explain some of this stuff to them.

How do I explain that, yes, I do go to my church sometimes to volunteer however, it's mostly just to get out of the house so I don't go "stir-crazy" and that I rest a lot and sit around much of the time while up there not really doing anything except socializing? Even when I do this, most of the time the next day I really pay for it.

I know you all know how it is!

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My husband still seems to be benefitting from taking the prescription vitamin supplement Cerefolin. I don't know if vitamin B-complex and folate would do the same thing or not (it didn't have the same effect on my husband).

Janine - I love the yoga story - similar man in my class :blink:

My yoga instructor had an interesting comment on yoga and alzheimers patients. For her real job, she attended a medical function and was talking to a man that manages three assisted living facilities specializing in alzheimers patients. He told her that they have started having the patients do yoga, specifically a mild/modified inversion every day and that they have noticed improvements in their functioning. He also noted his observation that they don't have any police, firefighters or construction workers (in other words, people who work outside) in his facilities - just an observation but that's how some research ideas get started. She never did tell him that she taught yoga so he wasn't just trying to connect to her.

The inversion she recommends is "leg up on the wall" or something close to that name. You lay on the floor and scoot your bottom close up to the wall. Then you manuever to get your feet up straight against the wall - so your body is now in an "L" shape with your legs up and your back flat to the ground. Put your arms out to the side in a "T" shape, close your eyes, breath, and relax for about 10-15 minutes. This is the same pose that is recommended for headaches and I have used it for that. An easier modification is to place your legs on a couch or chair in a bent fashion instead of up the wall.

I know that inversions can effect blood pressure so they certainly are not suitable for everyone.

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hi pooh -

i don't have too much additional to offer in terms of the fatigue issue but definitely can relate. and when i am up to doing certain things everything else seems to suffer. and while it may not have a different end result, for me the not feeling up to do something "just b/c" is SO different than not having the energy. it is truly frustrating.

in terms of the additional questions from SS though, i would honestly just write something very similar to what you wrote on here. i've read & heard from many that the worst thing to do can be to write that you do "nothing" b/c no one does "nothing" day in and day out....so whether it's watching a movie, going to a meeting or activity, or taking a trip to the store, that's not going to make or brake your application. obviously if you're running marathons or going to the mall for 8 hours a day every day it probably won't go over too well, but the qualification for disability doesn't mean you have to be tied to your bed. that wais, i know how tough it is to qualify (some of which is pure luck) so understand how unnerving the whole thing must be. i've spent over 12 hours in the past few weeks on the initial application and it was soooo exhausting.

good luck & hang in there...


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