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Help support Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET)! To start shopping and supporting, click on the Smile.Amazon.com link, and a percentage of your regular Amazon purchases will benefit the Dysautonomia Information Network.  If you'd like to log onto Amazon Smile (This is the same amazon you would normally use, but for charities), enter your same Amazon PW & Phone #. At the top left of the screen change the default charity, click "change your charity" and Type in "Dysautonomia Information Network,"

*Please note this is the same amazon site you typically use, except amazon smile is for supporting charities and non profits.

As DINET is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that is completely run by volunteers, we thank you for helping to support DINET during Dysautonomia Awareness Month and all year long. We depend on your contributions and donations in order to provide you with the information and resources that you've relied on for the past 15 years!


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A big thank you to all the DINET members who supported us through Amazon Smile :D

The number of donations went up a great deal this past month, so we kindly thank you for contributing. We hope you continue to shop through amazon smile all year long and pass the link onto your friends and family. Every donation is appreciated and goes toward our mission to raise awareness of Dysautonomia, Educate Physicians on this difficult to treat condition, and to support our members.  To find other ways you can help support DINET, please visit:  http://dinet.org/index.php/help-us/donate   

Thank you!


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