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I joined a while back but I forgot about this forum.


I don't have a diagnosis but I think I could have POTS. I was supposed to get some cardiac test but I'm too poor to afford that. My heart does tend to increase when I stand up, from 80s to 120s and I do get rather light headed. I also have problems where I'm holding my breath without meaning too and it takes me a while to just breathe. It's like I have to remind myself to breathe. 


I'm not sure if my symptoms are getting worse or not but I've been feeling ill more often. I'll be at work at it's hard for me to do something because I feel lightheaded and unable to breathe properly. The sad thing is is that I have to find another job and those jobs usually involve standing up for long periods of time. I do like my current job though because I don't have to interact with customers.

I also have hypermobility syndrome.

I just have to find out a way to manage my symptoms.

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Hi. Sounds as though it could be POTS with the HR increase. I have EDS, too. Standing is hard if your body wants you to be lying down all of the time. Have you discussed it with your doctor? I would ready the sticky posts at the top of this forum as there is plenty of helpful advice about what to take and do to help with the symptoms. You should see a cardio though, to be on the safe side. 

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