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hello , i spoke to my son cardio doctor this morning . he wasn't to worried about his heart rate 190-195. he said that he is a kid and not to worry. he will call when he gets the results faxed to him if there is anything wrong . that could take up to ten days. our family doctor was concerned on friday when the hospital call her with the verbal results. we were not supposed to let him get to execited until we find out what is going on . we have taken him out school this week to rest . i really wish these doctor could get together and figure out what is going on.



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Hi Lisa -

I know how frustrating it can be to have docs reacting differently, and while it's a great thing that the cardio isn't too worried, I get how "no answer" is horribly frustrating too. It very well may be that the cardiologist not being concerned just means that he's not concerned in an immediate, really-need-to-be-worried-yesterday sort of way. Kids do have higher heart rates in general so while it may still be high, if there aren't other problems it's probably not dangerous in a way that would freak the cardiologist out. Do you have an appointment with him at some point or is he just going to call you? Is your son feeling any better with a more restful schedule? I can't imagine how tough it must be as a mom. Hang in there & keep us posted,


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I hope your son starts to feel better soon and that resting more this week will give his body some much needed rest and a "boost".

My advice is to follow your gut...you know your son and if he isn't improving keep pushing for answers and search for a Dr until you find one who will listen.

In terms of the cardiologist....I understand what he is saying...that children have faster heart rates than adults (generally speaking) but that doesn't mean there is nothing wrong. It's good if his heart has a normal rythmn but it still may be too fast for him. This was the first and only symptom I had for many many years (aside from being very easily fatigued) and every Dr just shrugged it off until I started passing out. Especially in pediatric cases, I'm not sure those Dr's are as familiar with Dysautonomia and diagnosing it as compared to Dr's who treat adults and even they (as a group profession) are still not good at diagnosing.

Go with you gut instinct and listen to your son and how he tells you he feels.

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