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Potassium overdose or Low blood volume?

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Hey so, I have auto dysfunction, Im pretty sure its affecting nearly every part of my body, a while back I went to docs, and he done some blood's said my kidneys were functioning hard at the time but nothing major, recently I've been going vegan, and juicing, well today i had a big plate of veg, two hours later I had a big juice with alot of veg on both high in potassium, and while I was drinking the second, I felt really lightheaded, and my arms felt abit numb had the feeling before usually equate to low blood volume - I felt full, and had some very brief diareah, although I thought it could have been, low blood volume I had some water and some salted crisps and it seems to have dissipated, got a little tingle in one of my hands which I think could have just been co-incidence as thats what, they say is another symptom but i get allsort of nerve/fribro kind of pain anyway and was tuning in to my finger abit anyway, no heart rate, weirdness which is a sign, but abit nauseous and abit diareah with the sort of feeling of low blood volume/maybe low blood pressure.

I think my dysfunction is sporadic in how it affects organs, so I think its hard to find it, after the fact may be on blood tests, erm, but water seemed to help anyway so maybe it wasnt too much potassium, and ive had a few bloods done in A&E and a hospital stay, that as far as i know, have been ok? i assume they test electrolytes/kidney stuff, even though at the time i wasnt eating vegan or anything, was eating meat, which isnt sposed to be good for kidney absorbtion anyway.

Was wondering is this something i should worry about or was it possibly just low blood volume from the nutrients, in the shake, I mean, celery is said to make your blood pressure lower, I hadnt had much water, today, but Im not usually one that has to drink water to feel ok, anyway, like compared to some dyso's here. So anyway not sure? Be abit bummed out if I couldnt have the diet i wanted and have to consider kidney function even though theres no diagnosis from a few blood tests, like they are all within normal range, from what i have been told.


Im not saying its like a overdose that is like woah im going to die, but could it be a mild overdose of some sort? I nearly drank more, good job I didnt?


So? I dont know will probs book a doctors appointment to discuss this. id be bummed out if this is another thing, i have to worry about.

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