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UK alternatives to Nuun electrolyte drinks

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Nuun has stopped dealing with its UK distributor, so it's close to vanishing as a product in the UK, and prices are soaring.  I'm told they may find another distributor, but meanwhile there are a lot of us who rely on those drinks.  Can people recommend alternatives?  I don't mind if it's tablets, drops or a powder, although I would like to have something small to tuck in my handbag for the few times I'm actually out of the flat.  I'm also willing to make my own powder.  About half of what I drink is salty water (a mixture of ordinary salt and low-sodium salt, so it provides sodium and potassium), but I do like being able to have these nice drinks, and they seem to have a better effect on me.  Here's what I need, in no particular order.

1. No sugar at all.  The fibromyalgia has a hissyfit if I have sugary drinks.

2. Sweeteners - I'm picky!  Nuun was fine, High Five tasted horrible, and I'm wary of sweeteners which may cause gastro-intestinal upset.  A good flavour, in general.

3. Dissolves properly in water, preferably without needing to be stirred.  I tried the MyProtein powdered electrolyte mix, for instance, and that left unpleasant chalky residue.  If making my own, is there a magic ingredient that makes it fizz that would solve this problem?

4.  Good blend of electrolytes.

5. If I make my own, I'm wondering about trying malic acid in there, since I have low stomach acid due to my mast cells meds and it's meant to help for fibromyalgia.  I now drink through a straw. which should stop problems with the acid attacking my teeth.

6. Vegan.

7. Available affordably in the UK.  Please check UK sources before recommending something from the US!  I go through this enough that the wait time for a US order isn't practical, plus if I spend over £15 I get hit by ferocious customs charges.

8. If I'm making my own, it needs to be easy to put together from powders I can get hold of without trouble.  I am not going to be squeezing lemons for this! (I've got severe ME and am bedbound.)

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