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Has anyone tried b12 for fatigue? I am so tired all the time it gets frustrating. I am thinking about trying b12 supplements. 

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I actually had a blood test several years ago that showed low B12. I did B12 shots with a neurologist. My levels of B12 improved quickly. However, I didn't find any benefit to my symptoms. 

About a year after I stopped the shots, I read an article that said often people low in B12 are also low in the other B vitamins but docs don't generally test for the others because it's not "popular". (Sorry, I don't have a link to the paper. I've tried finding it but I can't.) Anyway, based on that paper, I started taking a supplement that has a well balanced B- complex (a combination of the B vitamins.) This helped me more than the B12 by itself.  It gives me a little more energy. It's not a miracle cure, but, if I skip it for a couple days, I can feel my fatigue building up. 


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