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G.I issues


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Been feeling miserable this past week! Started feeling off sunday the 17th. On Sunday the 17th I had a weird spell where I got bad stomach pain, sweating  and had to run to the bathroom. While i was using the restroom I got so lightheaded that i thought i was going to pass out. That never happened before. Then Monday I felt okay I had my cardiology app and felt fine. . Then tuesday I got real bad stomach pain so severe I felt weak, clammy and it hurt to move. Ran to the bathroom 3 times again that day too. And i have been running to the bathroom like 3 or 4 times everyday this week. Last night I had a rough night. Did not sleep well. It was too hot. Couldn't open the window because the farm nearby just layed stinky stuff down on the field. Finally fell asleep but had to wake up early  and only got like 4 to 5 hrs of sleep. Today My brain fog is terrible. Feel very weak too. My brain fog is so terrible its hard to function now. Everything just seems foggy. Not sure what is going on. Does anyone else get spells like these? What helps you feel better? 

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Hi artluvr,

I do get GI spells just like you are describing but I have had them for a while and know that they are probably due to my mast cell issues. 

There are certainly other things that can cause this kind of GI upset. If this isn't normal for you, you might want to call your regular doc to make sure there isn't something going on like a stomach virus or food poisoning.

This kind of GI problem can cause dehydration as well, so when I'm having this issue, I have make sure I take in extra salt and fluids to stay hydrated.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Yes! One of my main problems is my GI pain. LUQ pain ALL THE TIME! I have episodes like you describe where I get abdominal pain, then chest pain, possibly heart racing, anxiety, can't make a decision, need to have a BM. Sometimes I get nauseous & gag. This always occurs at night & I usually have progressively softer & softer stools each time I go. Many nights I sleep on the bathroom floor. I'm getting checked now just to make sure nothing is going on but I've been checked in the past with nothing found. I do recommend that you get checked to make sure there isn't an underlying cause. I take Celexa for my pain and recently changed my pharmacy which could be why I'm feeling it more. Katie mentioned mast cells... now that I think about it, I wonder if I'm having some sort of reaction to the foods I eat because these episodes always happen at night.

I hope you feel better!

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Dear folks,


I was actually looking up something else and came upon this excellent description of the inter-relationship of GI issues, MCAD and dysautonomia:


For starters, it points out there are three components of the autonomic nervous system: the sympathetic, parasympathetic, and enteric (digestive) systems.  Who knew? I thought there was only the first two.  Explains a lot.

The article is a tad overoptimistic about the notion we can find physicians who can adequately diagnose MCAD and work with our other docs....but it is a good beginning and something perhaps to be copied and taken to those who treat us.



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