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Dr. Jeffrey Boris - CHOP

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Has anyone seen Dr. Jeffrey Boris from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia? He is a cardiologist who specializes in pediatric POTS. I am trying to get in contact with him to see if there are any doctors in my area who specialize in POTS for adults that he would recommend. 

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I have not seen Dr. B Oris but I am the person who had contact with him to put him on our physician list. He actually contacted us and asked to be put on the list. He was very pleasant to communicate with. At the time, which was a year ago, he actually asked me if I knew anyone in Philly for adults as he gets the question frequently.  I wasn't able to give him a name. However, it may be worth contacting his office as he was on an active search to find a doc to refer adults to in the area, so maybe he has found someone. 

In the meantime,  my POTS neuro, Dr. Khurana, is in Baltimore.  I know that's not around the corner but it is a doable day trip from Philly if you can't find anyone closer.

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