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Hands and Feet Hurt


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Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone else gets this..... When I have my arms down, just like a normal person my hands start to hurt, when I look at them my veins are Huge!! and hurts. I end up lifting my hands up in the air and it goes away for a while. I called my Doctor and they say that is normal. How strange is that. Oh, it happens to my feet to. I just notice my hands more. Does anyone else get this???

Thanks Kimberley

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I remember the first time I noticed this too ... I was having a really bad POTS spell and had been doing poorly for a couple of months, then I noticed how large my veins got when my arms were lowered. I also rushed to call the doctor -- my doctors told me the same thing -- pat on head -- don't worry little girl.

Actually I still notice it happening every now and then, but without the pain and usually without the heightened awareness. I think sometimes our bodies go through these periods of heightened sensitivity when even "normal" things make us feel uncomfortable.

My own theory is that our minds are working SO hard to try and piece together why we are feeling so incredibly lousy that we begin to become aware of subtle and not so subtle changes in our bodies that before may have gone un-noticed.

During our "bad" days, we find it very difficult to live inside our own skin and on our "good" days we may not even notice the puffy viens and throbing hands.

Good luck to you as you search for your comfort zone.


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I get this pain too. It feels like someone is cutting me. The family dr. keeps telling me it's Fibromalgia. But it is definitely related to the blood pooling. I have noticed it being much worse when I had my worst spells. (which for me have been when I reacted to medications. )

What is EDS?


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EDS is ehlers danlos syndrome. It is a genetic problem that causes dysfunction of the collagen in the body. I was diagnosed with type III also called joint hypermobility syndrome ( my joints overextend without any pain).

The collagen problem causes the blood vessels to be weak and over strech. When you stand up your blood vessels should constrict to circulate the blood. My blood vessels are too week and I get blood pooling and low blood pressure - dizzyness, etc. The blood vessels cannot overcome the force of gravity pulling the blood down.

Likewise, if I hold my hand up the air - my hand turns white and cold because all the blood runs right out.

www.ednf.org ehlers danlos national foundation

www.ceda.ca Canadian ehlers danlos association

I am still learning about EDS. If someone wants to add more please do so.

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