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MADE IT -- 40 !!! on the 15 th


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Hello All,

YEP , MADE IT !!! No small feat really all things being equal ; and of course they are not. But accepting that part is the first step. I look very much forward to each B'day know ; and it was with great anticipation that 40 came. Of course we managed to over do it and I had to spend the better part of the next 2 days in bed a relative MESS ( remind me again why I'm so glad to make it) . My wife and I spent a nice quiet day DRIVING my Car all the way into Toronto for service ( @ 1 hour drive Ended up leaving it there for 3 days) . Then we just traveled to a few different shops to pick up some things prior to Our move. At 1 mall we encountered a movie set with Micheal Douglas & Kiefer Sutherland , must say it was neat. WE lunched quietly sans kidlets or fanfare as I had been exposed to a Surprise luncheon day before. all in all a nice event filled day.

The travails that lead up to this Day seem worlds apart until the affect of a seemingly normal day that we have plan in such minutia now , But be prepared to change a the drop of a hat. As I fight to maintain a normalcy to enjoy this day - knowing I'll be giving up time , It strikes me how comfortable I have become with this trade off. And the reasons for that comfort. Prior to my dx the wonder ,fear of not understanding what was happening or afflicting me was more difficult than the physical torture. I could deal with the ups /downs of the physical torments -- HECK - I would even try to figure out training regimen :) throughout to dealwith the pain , vomitting , fainting etc. I would work harder longer physicaly , But the META- physical was enormously hard to trade off . When answers were not forth coming or suggestions were beneath your understanding.

I am , we are now coalesed around this mortality issue and each B'day come as it will ; just as each symptom manifests itself to new heights depths of condition. As it stands NOW I made it to 40 pretty much in one piece.

Slainte` Kite 7

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Hey Kite! Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you had a fun few days! I am so excited for you all to be going to BC! How soon till the big move? It's gonna be great!! Please keep us posted on how you make out... and make sure you take extra care of yourself! Laura

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Guest tearose

Happy Birthday Kite 7!

I enjoyed hearing about your adventures...those kidlets grow so quickly but having time alone with your loved one is very important and special!

I always learn from those introspective moments and I so appreciate you sharing yours with us. I do think that our health challenges has made all daily activity different and measured. If we are to avoid a crash, we must plan and calculate what is reasonable to do in a day. This is so different from when we were "younger" and/or "healthier". I am happy that you are able to rise above your challenges and enjoy your time on this planet...even with your challenges, you have found the good times. We all have "limited days" here but to stop and enjoy this moment is a true gift! I wish you many, many more years of B'day celebrations and I think you have the glue one needs to stay in one piece!!!

again, Happy 40th!

Slainte' back at you Kite 7!


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Happy Happy Birthday...and thanks too for sharing with us...


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