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Adrenaline Rushes and Extremity Discoloration


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I have it in my face and hands and knees. I believe mine to be associated with my mcas but I don't know what triggers it. But, it is like a nightly friend that visits between 7-9 every evening. I also become wide awake and highly productive around the time it starts but then I can't fall asleep until between 2-4 am regularly.  

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When I was first sick, there were many nights when I woke up with my heart beating too fast.  It still happens to me occasionally.  Like the other person above, for me the swelling happened when standing for too long, due to pooling.  For many of us lying down helps reduce the swelling, so it is interesting that you have the opposite reaction.  

It might also be helpful to measure your HR and BP when these incidents happen so you have more information to give your doctor.  

I will say that for me what has been most helpful is addressing my POTS as a whole, rather than focusing on specific symptoms.    My night sweats and all other POTS symptoms were reduced greatly when I found the right med combo for myself.

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