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Heart Recordings - Any Thoughts If Not Pots?


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Sorry - I wasn't clear earlier. I wasn't looking for a diagnosis, just suggestions of anything else this possibly could be. Sometimes others know of "little known" conditions that aren't common knowledge.

I wanted to delete the topic, but could only edit it.

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We can't diagnose you of course! What helps me and my neuro (dys doc) is making 10-minutes lists, a kind of a poor man's tilt test. I measure bp and hr from being seated to standing for 10 minutes (I'm not a typical fainter!), every two minutes. The lists give me and my doc insight in what is going on. Hope this helps!

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Thanks TCP!  I have everything you mentioned, plus a bunch more:

  • Tachycardia is really bad when I'm on my feet (generally runs in the 120s-150s).  Also, it randomly spikes to the 180s in my sleep, causing really bad night sweats. 
  • I take Maxeran for gastroparesis, and ended up in the hospital for a week after a surgery because my stomach completely shut down.  
  • I had IBS and ulcerative colitis, until I had my colon removed.  
  • It sometimes feels like my lungs are too small when I try to breath. 
  • Since grade 7 I've felt like I'm on the verge of passing out (every time I'm on my feet).  If I push myself too far I do pass out.  I'm 37.  
  • Heat and exercise intolerant (passing out sensation gets much worse).
  • I'm on meds for ADHD.
  • I have fibromyagia.
  • There's a cystitisy thing going on with my bladder.
  • I'm losing the ability to tell warm and cool with my hands, and I'm losing the ability to do "intricate" things with them.
  • I get weak, tingly, numb.  
  • My feet and legs turn bluish/purplish and get swollen when standing.  My hands do too if they're hanging at my side.  
  • Etc., etc., etc.

So far I keep being told I'm just anxious or stressed.  I have a really hard time believing stress is behind this (especially when I'm not anxious or stressed...and its been going on/getting worse for 25 years).  Hopefully my doctor will agree to send me to be tested for POTS and other autonomic dysfunctions. 


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