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Minor Stress -> Collapse In Ability To Function


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Minor stress, whether it's good stress or bad stress, can completely wipe me out physically. It's like my body has an extreme overreaction to things that other people wouldn't even notice. Is there anything I can do? Anything anyone has done? This has worsened as my POTS has worsened, and causes similar fatigue symptoms to being upright for too long.

I haven't found psychotherapy to help with stress reactions (or with anything, although it did worsen trauma-related issues).

I've had many different tests looking for the cause of my POTS and nothing has been found. I use compression stockings, midodrine, fluids, Vyvanse, and row 45 minutes 3x/week, which lets me function at maybe 40% of what a healthy person would on my good days, as long as I am not having a migraine, avoid being on my feet as much as possible, avoid sitting up for long periods of time, avoid stress very carefully, am very very careful about eating regularly, and do a bunch of other things.

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Stress is definitely a trigger for me. I can be doing well, and then things get more stressful and WHAM! It really ***** because it's generally a bad time anyways with just the stress.

I spoke with my GP after a particularly stressful time and a long relapse and he said it makes sense given cortisol is released during stress and can change your body functions including your electrolytes.

I haven't found any particularly good ways to deal with these situations yet. But I can offer moral support :)

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my body isn't great when I tend to be dealing with stress, I can pretty instantly feel my hr being reactive to anxiety, irritability, or anger. I have found mediation and mindfullness to be helpful but they more help me to sit with what is happening and not mentally get as involved in it so the stress reaction for me mentally doesn't quite last as long, that being said it is a daily practice and not one that shows results over night. Otherwise I just try to do stuff like get out of the house and got to the dog park, which has a calming effect on me, or just eating a lot and doing something mindless like watch tv; not the most healthy thing but it works.

One of the main things is identifying your stress triggers and limiting your exposure to them on days you find yourself more symptomatic.

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