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cat allergies


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Hi all. I'm getting ready to move into a new townhouse this weekend (yeah!) However I'm a little concerned because the previous owner had 2 cats. Just being in the place for about an hour had my nose starting to run.

With that said, I replaced the filter with a brand new allergy helping one. And, we are completely replacing all the carpet. I'm hoping that will do the trick, but I'm still worried. I thought you guys might have some other suggestions for things I can do to get rid of the cat dander.



ps - Nina, I'm still using the neilmed saline rinse, which is great! In fact, my mother-in-law just ordered one too ;)

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I just ordered a new neilmed bottle cause after a year mine developed a hole. Not too shabby after a year of daily use!

Cat/dog allergies are usually because you're allergic to (this is gross) excrement from the mites that feed on the dander. You might want to use a cleaning agent that kills the mites. You can find that kind of stuff at:


see the sections both on cleaning and controlling mites.

:) Nina

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My husband and I are both deathly allergic to cats. When we bought a house (where 2 or more cats lived), we had the place industrially cleaned by a company that does restaurants, ceiling tiles, walls etc. What sold us was their process--they scrubbed down the walls and ceilings and sucked OUT everything extracted ... nothing microscopic that clung to the walls, ceiling, floors etc was left by the time they were done... and we've had no problems.

Replacing the carpeting was key for you I imagine. Are you OK in your new place? (I know it's been a few weeks....)

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