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Compression Stockings Or Leggings?

Hello Darling

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Do any of you wear compression leggings? I live in Southern California and it's hot here and I wear flip flops all of the time. :) I would much rather find footless compression stockings or leggings than the ones that go on the feet.

My doctor didn't give me specific kinds he would like me to get. He said to just get some and try them to see if they work.

Also, I've seen somewhere that insurance will cover them sometimes. Do any of you have Tricare insurance? If so, did they cover them?

What brands do you recommend?

I didn't even know that compression stockings were a thing until yesterday so I'm trying to figure this out. :D

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I wear full length compression stockings with compression at 30-40 everyday! They seem to make a big difference from me, especially for my throbbing lower leg pain due to blood pooling. I started off last summer with only half length with open toe (because it is hot!). These did help with my leg pain significantly, but my symptoms worsened this fall and I increased to waist-high ones. I live in Canada and it's really cold here, so right now they don't bother me at all. I've had both Jobst and Sigvaris brands and prefer Sigvaris but both are good. I'm not sure what brands are available in the States or how it works with insurance. Our public health care doesn't cover them, but I have been able to get private insurance that does.

I know most doctors do recommended full length to the waist, but maybe clarify with your doctor what he thinks. You also might need a prescription for the high compression level. They do feel pretty restricting at first, but you get used to them and better at putting them on with practice :)

Let me know if you have other questions.

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I don't know about insurance...

The pair I have is non-medical grade. But the reason why I want to mention it is that them is they are toe-less, so much easier to get on than a full pair of socks/stockings. I'm thinking flip-flops might work with them. I've only worn them around the house. They go up to (just below knee). I bought on amazon and were less than $30.

Now that I think about it--glad I saw your post...I will include them in my non-refunded medical costs/equipment on my taxes.

I have seen a style pair on pinterest that is knee (under not above) to ankle; interesting style.

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I clicked on that link on the post right above yours and added a post about some that I'm thinking about getting. I'm just not sure if they are okay to get or not. :) They are leggings so it won't be on the feet at all. And they seem to be non pantyhose-like so maybe I would wear them without more pants on top. I'm so afraid that I'm going to get way overheated with this stuff. :)

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I wear the open-toe pantyhose because I consistently put holes in closed-toe stockings. The open-toe hose works with flip-flops, but you can't walk around barefoot. Hence my experiment with leggings. The first ones I bought were only 15-20 mmHg, and blood still pooled a bit in my feet. I'm going to try the generic ones , Absolute Support at Discount Surgical Stockings. They are 20-30 mmHg, and only $37. I'll let you all know how they perform after I get them.

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