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Simple Life Hacks With Pots


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We all have em! Share em and help this girl out. Hit a rough patch after the holidays like so many and while I'm waiting to thaw out from winter I've been trying new things!

Crockpot meals have been a healthy, time saver and easy on the budget since I'm no longer working. Turbo twisty... Yes the as seen in tv towel for your hair. It's lightweight and perfect for the days I shower but just can't dry my hair

And the funny one... My kids did the grocery shopping and got string cheese with trivia to keep my mind sharp. Haha. Anyway, here's to spring!!!

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Cheap and no chemicals I use bicarbonate vinegar lemons for household cleaning lots of ideas on Pinterest

I cook enough veg for three days Al Dante plunge in cold water to stop them over cooking then heat them in the microwave

Colour coded washing baskets family trained to empty pockets and sort accordingly !

I put oven racks in dishwAsher regularly saves scrubbing , my arms just don't have the energy to do heavy work any more

Sorry to hear you are not working hope you start to feel better soon

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