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Also, Dysautonomia Specialists In Sc??


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Also, does anyone know of any physicians who are well-respected and have experience as/are specialists in dysautonomia in SC? My symptoms are getting progressively worse, and everyone is looking at everything as a separate entity and I'm pretty sure that's why every treatment plan I've had given to me (mostly over-the-counter medications) do nothing. I'm also tired of people telling me it's just anxiety. When you look at the list of symptoms on this site, or on POTS UK (which has a great description of the disorder), I fit literally everything on it save for like 5 things. CLEARLY what I'm experiencing is interrelated in some respect, and I feel the only physicians who are willing to recognize these things as connected are those who know about dysautonomia extensively, which unfortunately are difficult to find...


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I have never heard of anyone mentioning a dysautonomia doc in SC. I pay attention to that because I used to live there, and would like to live there again one day.

You might try calling the Duke and Clemson Neurology and Cardiology departments and asking if anyone is familiar with treating dysautonomia patients.

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