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Should I Have A Cardiologist?


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My ANS tests results were abnormal. Still waiting on a definite diagnosis of Hyper Pots but the doctor said we can email back and forth if I have questions. I sent him 15 questions LOL. He will probably hate me.

One of my questions was do I need a cardiologist? I had an abnormal deep breathing test with values well below the norm, I have orthostatic tachycardia and failed the TTT, Valsalva and handgrip test. I also have high dopamine and NE.

I do actually have a cardiologist that I've seen in the past but don't want to complicate things further by adding yet another doctor to the mix if it isn't necessary. I wondered what you guys do? Do you have a cardiologist that you see?


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My cardiologist and neurologist are of almost equal value to me. However it took going through several drs to get the care team I have now. My cardiologist manages my bp and hr meds for me while I bring all my other isues to neurologist. I have had, in the past, both cardiologists and neurologists who were very unhelpful so I think a lot has to do with thier familiarity with Dysautonomia.

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I've seen 5 different cardiologists and the only one that was helpful was the one that knew about dysautonomia. I still use her as my primary contact when questions come up only because she is willing to help. I feel my autonomic neurologist is more knowledgeable but is less helpful due to being over loaded with patients.

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