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The Mind Palace


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I just wanted to share this podcast with everyone, it is called The Mind Palace, and it is free on itunes.

It is a really interesting podcast and it focuses on "living a well curated life", but they touch on so many topics from health to work life balance, to food, friendships etc.

I found their most recent one title "Health and Body" to be very interesting because they look at exercise and fitness in a different light than most people typically do; they kind of see health and fitness as something that should be ingrained in your day to day routine and very balanced, rather than something you set aside an hour at a gym every day to do. I thought it was interesting because prior to my POTS I was doing exercise all the time and always pushing my body either running or lifting, but now that I can really do very little, I find that my "exercise" has become my daily chores, and routines, like taking out garbage or 15 minutes of yoga. It is not really something I can go very far with on any given day, but it is something I can do a bit little of each day to help myself. And their podcast really touched on having that balance of doing what your body needs and living healthy as a sustainable thing.

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