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Low Body Temperature


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I had a cold two weeks ago and although I felt feverish my temp was 35.3 to 36.1 . This week I still feel washed out , heavy limbs when I try to do anything and my temp has stayed In the range of 35 to 35 .5 with it dropping to 34.8 yesterday in the afternoon. I have had severe headaches which don't resolve with the painkillers I can take on Florinef.

Any thoughts please ?

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The temperature cooling is definitely something neurologically going on in my opinion. If your temp is not being regulated, like dropping despite staying warm on the outside. That it is something with the brain (nervous system) going on. Either let your doctor know if you can't bring it up. The Florinef will alter your immune system, so maybe the cold screwed with you more. Maybe they could give you something for a short time to help get you over this hump. 34.8 is definitely on the low side and I would at least make them aware of it so it doesn't drop more.

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