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Having A Really Hard Time....


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This has been such a hard but good thread to read.  Hard because I know exactly what you're going through and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  Good because I feel less alone.   Someone said on another support group that you have to come to terms with your illness every single day when you wake up and just because you coped with it yesterday doesn't make it any easier to cope with today.  NavyBlue I know that hearing someone tell me my problems are psychosomatic is devastating, especially someone medical or someone close to me both of whom I think should know better!   I've got a gastro appointment next week and am dreading them saying that to me.  Amelia I'm so sorry I don't have any quick fix answers for you but I know what helps me is finding something that I can still enjoy however ill I feel. For me it's reading (I can no longer read anything literary as I don't have the concentration span so I often read books aimed at teenagers!) but it takes me away from my own problems into another world for a bit. 

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