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So I Tried Exercising Today.....


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Hoping someone can help me out.

I did cardio today for the first time in a while. About 5 minutes into the run, I started to feel nauseaus, lightheaded, and very disoriented. Soon after this my fingernail beds turned dark purple like I have never seen them before. Had to stop and walk back home because of how weak I began to feel. Still feel terrible an hour later and have been breaking out in a cold sweat while my vision is weird (seeing black spots all over).

I figured my blood pressure would be very low but its perfectly normal. What could this be? It really seems like it is somehow related to my oxygen levels given how similar the symptoms are to hypoxia. I have POTS and CFS.

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I'm sorry this happened to you xhale. Would it be a possibility for you to exercise while being supervised bye a Physical Therapist? I think that might be a safer option? Not sure what happened but it seems it may have to do with blood flow. I'd check with my doctor if I were you, he will be able to explain and give you some guidance

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Hi Xhale1991!

I have also noticed that when I am exhibiting little to no symptoms otherwise, constant change in position or exercise immediately causes my symptoms to show up. I will often times feel fine and then try to go on a run, and be exhausted and have an elevated heartrate for several hours afterwards. I have recently started yoga, and even on a beta blocker/ssni/florinef, some poses are super uncomfortable and cause me to feel very lightheaded and nauseous. I then checked my BP afterwards and have actually been running what is really high for me (120/90 ish). I don't know if that's any consolation or helps at all; I think exercise intolerance may just be a thing for us, unfortunately :/

Good luck!

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Hi Exhale,

I think the suggestions to call/see your doctor are very appropriate.

I also think taking off for a run, especially after not exercising for awhile, was obviously too much for you.

I was very athletic (high level yoga and swimming) up until last year when my dysautonomia began. I felt too ill to exercise until about three months ago. I'm now working one-on-one with a body worker/yoga teacher. I'm taking things extremely slowly....yet I can already see changes in my strength and balance.

It has been very difficult to let go of the person I was such a short time ago...in all respects. Physical exercise is one area I know will result in harsh effects if I push too much. I had a nuclear stress test yesterday (it was as bad as it sounds). I felt literally broken into pieces when it was done....for the treadmill was overwhelming...I was a mess all evening. Today I just got a massage instead of doing yoga....I feel so much better....I'll do yoga tomorrow!

So my main point is to initially do less than you think you can....talk it over with your Dr.....you may also consider PT if you are covered for it, so you can be watched closely.


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I was a runner before I got sick. I have worked myself up to being able to lift weights (almost heavier than I've ever done), use the row machine and recumbant bike. Some days I feel very strong and almost normal however every single time I've tried to run it's back fired on me and left me with problems so I just don't do it anymore and stick with excersizing I can do while sitting down. I sure would like to go for a run though.

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