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Convulsions Vs. Seizure?


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My son#2 does, his were determined to be caused by very low blood pressure, fast HR, causing anoxic condition in the brain by a university hospital. He has had then since age 18 and are now controlled by keeping fluids up, florinef and a drug combo of toprol xl, and dilantin. He is now 29. His Dr.'s call them Reflex Anoxic Seizures or Convulsive Syncope. Normally 2 bags of IV's will fix the problem when he has them. Bottom line cause appears to be dehydration.

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Hi, dm -- Have you had an EEG? Also, these links include information on Neurocardiogenic Syncope - NCS, a form of dysautonomia. During the fainting episodes, some patients have seizure like activity. http://dinet.org/index.php/information-resources/ncs/ncs-general-information http://dinet.org/index.php/information-resources/ncs/ncs-links

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