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What Type Of Doctor For Mcas?


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Hi Kris,

I'm so sorry for all you have been going through. How horribly overwhelming.

You're correct in that there are some Hematologists/Oncologists that deal with mast cell disorders. In fact I believe Dr. Afrin is a Hematologist. My Neurologist is the one who diagnosed and is treating my mast cell activation disorder. Because of finding that a significant number of his pots patients exhibited possible mast cell issues he decided to venture out of just the realm of neurology and into immunology as well. Unfortunately there would appear not to be very many docs for mast cell patients to see. Some of the mast cell forums have a list of mast cell docs they feel are acceptable. You might want to check that out. If I didn't have a neurologist who was willing to help me with this issue I would have traveled to one of the recommended docs on the mast cell forum. It's a diagnosis definitely worth pursuing as the treatment can make a world of difference. Obviously much of the recommended treatment is OTC but the cromolyn oral solution is not and in my case has helped enormously.

Best of wishes to you in finding a mast cell doctor,


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You're welcome. That's wonderful Kris. I pray you get those answers you so desperately need !

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