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Probably Stupid Questions On Hyperadregenic Pots And Salt/sodium


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Hi All,

I realize that these are probably a stupid questions but I am confused. I have read different things concerning both. 1. In hyperadregenic POTS are we supposed to increase salt and water intake? 2. Does it matter if we get sodium chloride (salt) or another form of sodium (bicarbonate)? Thanks.


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I haven't been diagnosed( day of my testing I was miraculously symptom free)with the hyperadrenergic flavor but I'm pretty sure this is me. I have found taking salt pills and lots of water very helpful before I go for a workout or any time I know I'm going to be stressed physically while standing. I haven't tried bicarbonate because I was afraid of it messing with my acid/ alkaline levels. Not even sure if regular salt does this. I need to look into it more.

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