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Bladder problems


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I have had 5 bladder infections in the last year. I have an appointment with a Urologist at the end of the month. I am SO SCARED to go into hospital again. It is a small operation whereby they stretch my bladder pipe. That does not scare me it is after the operation what my body is going to do that scares me. After last years laboroscopy I am PETRIFIED OF HOSPITALS.

You all know I am trying to fall pregnant. The doctor has advised that I do this due to me not being able to take medication if I do fall pregnant. The pain from the last bladder infection was very bad. I needed two dosages of antibiotics just to get rude of the pain.

I am scared!

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Hi Ling - I suffer from what it called Interstitial cystitis...which is painful bladder condition. It can cause lots of symptoms from chronic bladder infections to just pain cramping and burning...

I have had 2 cystoscopies this year , but never had the hydridistention ( sp?)

I wish you luck and that the procedure will go fast. I know that it is not a long procedure.

The cysto was not pleseant but It was ok.

Anyway if IC is what you end up diagnosed with it is a controllable thing ...diet plays a big role and avoiding acidic foods.

I'll be sending you good thoughts.

BTW: you can check out www.ic-network.com

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Ling, my pipe is too small too, but my doctor just stretches it in his office. He deadens it first. It is painful, but quick. I am supposed to do it every six months, but am not very good at that. I don't know why you need to go to the hospital for this. I think that is odd. I have IC too and it can be quite bothersome. There is a disorder called honeymoon bladder. It causes you to be more likely to get infections from intercourse. You should always empty your bladder before and especially after intercourse. That helps a lot of people. And some people take a pill when they are going to have it, to prevent it. You might look into those things. good luck! morgan

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Hi Ling-

Have you had testing to determine if your bladder empties completely? If not, you should definitely ask about having it done as incomplete emptying is an open invitation for infection. Good luck!


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I also have Interstitial cystitis and have had my bladder stretched. It was a great procedure that helped for a while, but I guess you have to get it done fairly frequently in order for it to work long term. I only had it done once. The procedure can often be done in an outpatient setting or at the doctor's office. It's nothing major.

I hope it works out for you Ling. :unsure:


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