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Painful Lymph Node Behind Ear?


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Past couple of days behind my ear, I think is lymph nodes, they do not 'appear' to look different than the other side, but it but hurts something awful, like if I was burned by a curling iron.. My temp is little higher than usual, 98.3' I am usually 96.7, don't feel feverish... I don't think it is related to POTS, but just wondered if anyone knows anything about this.....I tried my good friend Google, but didn't find a lot of info...I will try to get in to see my GP, but geese it hurts something awful....none stop burning (my inner ear feels fine)...

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I couldn't take it went to the dr... He said neuropathy of the ear and tenderness goes hand in hand with typically with shingles and/or infection.....said usually if shingles will present after day 6 of pain....so decided to start me on meds as a precaution and will call him in 3 days to see how I am doing. Sigh....the pain is better today and tenderness is better....we shall see

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