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Dysautonomia / Pots Triggered By Pregnancy


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Hi Annaliese,

My doctors said that pregnancy was a major event, like a "trauma" to the body so it can be seen that way in terms of developing POTS. I think it could be more of an immune system change. I developed POTS postpartum (post-nursing, actually) and around that time my environmental allergies increased. It's like my immune system was suppressed and after delivering, it bounced back to a higher degree of sensitivity.

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Hi all,

This excerpt might be of interest to you if your looking for stats on delivery: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.3109/14767050903265089

These last few links are from Dr. Svetlana Blitstheyn, a renowned POTS neurologist who also happens to be one of DINET's Medical Advisor's!
http://www.dinet.org/index.php/about-us/advise and here is her site http://drblitshteyn.com/



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SarahA33, thank you for those links. Interesting that a lot of pregnant POTS ladies develop severe vomiting. That happened to me. Whenever I google pregnancy and POTS I can't seem to find much on pregnancy actually triggering POTS. I started to feel really quite ill at about 5 -6 weeks I think it was. Hospitalisation only occurred at about 33 weeks for "atypical preeclampsia" (ie dysautonomia). I then got much worse after the c section.

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