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Poor Man's Ttt Result, Indicative Of Pots?


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Hello all, i'm new to this forum, i'd like to properly introduce myself but i'm too brainfogged to do that now.

I've been suffering from POTS-like symptoms for as long as i can remember, but it got really bad 3 years ago just before my diagnosis of lyme disease and ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy).
After doing some research on dysautonomia i've decided to check if it may be a part of my illness. I've made an appointment with a neurologist and booked a TTT at the end of this month. In the meanwhile i've done a poor man's TTT at home and to me it looks like POTS. I'm in no way asking for medical advice, i'd just like to know if some of you with dysautonomia recognize the pattern.

My heart rate is clearly elevated and my systolic pressure drops quite low until the 5 minute mark. Diastolic increases after 10 minutes. Oxygen keeps dropping and then stabilizes around 93/94 %.
My pulse pressure looks very low as well.
I turned off the airconditioning because my orthostatic intolerance is worse when it's hot. The heat intolerance can be really bad at times.
I'll try again tomorrow with the aircon on and the room temperature set to 23 degrees celcius.

Date: 07/01/2016
Start time: 11:00 AM
Room temp: 31 degrees celcius. Airconditioning off, Fan on

Comment: Start after waking, Jetlag, oxygen sometimes dropped to 93%
Quit after 30 mins. Jelly legs + back pain
Veins prominent on arms, feel blood pooling. Heat very uncomfortable.

Time Heart rate Systolic Diastolic Pulse pressure Oxygen
T+0 60 106 77 29 97%

T+1 104 99 78 21 96%

T+2 103 95 83 12 96%

T+3 100 95 72 23 96%

T+5 94 103 79 24 95%

T+10 100 105 82 23 94%

T+15 94 111 88 23 94%

T+20 100 102 84 18 94%

T+25 98 110 83 27 94%

T+30 104 111 90 21 94%

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Hi, sorry no one has responded to your post. Wow that is a good amount of information. I'm sure you have read that POTS is typically described as an increase of hearth rate by 30+ beats per minute.

I have both POTS and Neurally Mediated Hypotension so along with a raise of hr by 50+ bpm with orthostatic changes my BP also usually drops, sometimes as low as 50s/30s, that is when I pass out. I do get some symptoms much earlier, around 80 systolic. I also am very heat intolerant and it makes my symptoms much worse if I get overheated.

Are you laying down before you started the test? I could not quite understand that part. Laying down and starting with a resting hr I find is a more accurate gage of symptomology.

Hope your TTT goes well and you get some answers.

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Hi, Ajax,

Welcome to the forum. Like ancy said, POTS is heart rate increase of 30 beat per minute (bpm) or absolute rate exceeding 120 bpm within the first 10 minutes of standing.

That's a lot of info that you've got there! That'll be great to bring to the upcoming doctors appointment with you. Hopefully this neurologist is knowledgeable in treating pots/dysautonomia, if not DINET has a list of physicians that specializes in dys/and you can search by location: http://www.dinet.org/index.php/physician-list

Many members have presented with lyme infections and POTS/dysautonomia symptoms, so that might be a good topic to bring up to your neurologist about. Theres a search box in the upper corner of the screen where you can find a lot of past topics on this subject in particular.

I have really awful heat intolerance also. Good luck on your tilt table test with the neuro, and becareful doing the ones at home! Hopefully the results can lead to a diagnosis which can then help you manage your symptoms. Again, welcome to the forum. Ssarah

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