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Do Stimulants Increase Oxygen To The Brain?


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I'm asking because my son has taken Focalin XR 20mg (which is a fairly low dose) for several years for brain fog as recommended by Dr. Grubb. His brain fog can be severe and this really helps. This past week he has been off the Focalin because of a prescription issue but will start again next week when school starts (he is 20, in college). He says he feels happier off of it but also has a return of some loopy (like intoxicated) behavior that was really bad in high school. We see it very mildly every once in a while but has been rare. I hadn't connected this med with the reduction of this behavior/symptom. He has been stable for a long time with maintaining midodrine, florinef and the Focalin XR so he doesn't see a pots a dr. specifically so I don't have a Dr. to ask who would know about this.

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