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I wonder if someone could give me some advice as I wonder if I have POTS. I will try and keep this short if possible!

So about two years ago I started noticing palpitations. I was going through an anxious period of time which didn't help. I saw the GP who referred me to Cardiology (I work as a cardiology secretary too). I have a holter monitor confirming bigeminy and trigeminy ectopics but nothing dangerous. I had an echo which was normal with minor mitral regurgitation but again nothing dangerous. This reassured me but hasn't stopped the palps. When I get them it's like a thud and when I check my pulse it's missing beats. I then feel light headed and weird.

Fast forward a year and I am noticing every morning once i'm up and standing in the kitchen my pulse is 130bpm. When I then sit down it goes down to 90bpm. Every time I get up I go slightly dizzy and everything goes black but not to the point of passing out... but I don't actually pass out. I did mention this to the cardiologist here who I work with but he didn't say much but I think POTS is often dismissed!!

I am a quite slim (50kg), 28 year old female, I used to be quit fit and active but lately this hasn't been the case as I suffer with nerve pain in my head and never want to exercise. I am often cold, particularly my extremeties. I struggle with hot baths making me feel faint, tired and tachycardic.

If anyone could offer any advice I would be so grateful.

Many thanks


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Sounds like it. Have you had a tilt table test? I would ask a cardiologist for one if you don't have a neurologist in your area that doesn't specialize in dysautonomia. I got on propranolol and that has helped some with the palps and skipped beats. Also excersizing while taking salt pills and lots of water helped me from the advice of my doctor

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Thanks for your reply Lewis. No I haven't had a tilt table test as when I saw the Cardiologist I only had palps and nothing else! It's just more recently I am getting the tachycardia. Working in Cardiology you would think it would make it easier but I actually find you aren't taken as seriously and they don't give you a full work up like they would a 'regular' patient!

I looked on the POTS website and one of the recommended consultants actually works here! I think I may see my GP and ask to be re-referred to him instead.

I have heard extra salt and staying hydrated helps. I drink a lot and try and have a pint of water before I get out of bed but without a diagnosis I didn't want to have excess salt incase I don't need it!

Thanks for your advice!

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry you had to seek us out. Palpitations can be so uncomfortable and disturbing. I also have periods (days-weeks) when I have a lot of them. For me it seems linked somewhat to my hormonal cycle. Extra fluids, salt and a beta blocker help me, to some extent. But I also find I just have to wait it out, knowing it will eventually ease up. It's good to know it is benign of course.

Hopefully you can see a specialist and get a TTT. It does seem many POTS patients are still dismissed, even by cardiologists.

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Hi MomtoGiuliana and thanks for your reply! The palps are horrible but I can kind of cope with them as like you say, I know they aren't dangerous and I know caffeine, stress, chocolate, alcohol etc make them worse! It's more the tachycardia in the morning that's getting to me now as it's quite worrying! I am going to see my GP and ask for another referral to this specific consultant who specialises. I would happily take a betablocker if I needed to. I take Nortriptyline 30mg at night for head pains which I know exacerbates tachycardia and arrthymia, but I also know I had this before I began them so I am reluctant to even mention it and have it blamed on that!!

I hate seeming like a hypochondriac as I do have anxiety, but also I know this isn't right!

Again thanks for replying, i'm most grateful!

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Russian Anchor,

I have spent over 10 years with symptoms, palpitations came first, then the HR issue-but mine was as low as 42 and as high as 152. And I have a family history of SVT's on my Mom's side so I thought it was the start of that.I went into a major flair in May and could no longer work because the stress would activate all my symptoms and also cause my mind to freeze-not good if you are in the middle of a conversation. Nov 30th I had Tilt Table Test which confirmed my diagnosis o NCS- a cousin to POTS...Up until then my former doctors and my family sincerely believed I was a hypochondriac and did not take anything I said seriously...I was lazy and just trying to get out of work...so we have all been there...believe me. The anxiety would hit me as my other symptoms got worse-elevated, until I rested and removed myself from my stress, its a response of the rapid HR for some.

So good luck and keep pushing forward and you will find the answers


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Hi there Russian Anchor,

Welcome.. The others gave tons of ideas and great tips already. My only suggestion would be to seek out the help of your primary care physician They can order a holter monitor which would at least pick up on the palpatations and rx bb's if that would help in your case. and then possibly send you to another physician who specializes in autonomic workup's. Here is a link to out physician list site: http://www.dinet.org/index.php/physician-list (If there isn't anyone other than your co-worker on the list, hopefully your GP will have a suggestion, but try major universities and clinics that have Electrophysiology and Exercise Labs as a last resort.)

Wishing you better days ahead! Sarah

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