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Nedd some advise Re: neurologist

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Hi everyone. I need some advise. I've had my neurologist for 4 months now. She seems to know alot about A.N./ dysautomia. She came from Mayo and has alot of contact there re: testing and stuff. Overall I thought she was a great doctor. I never called for her advise before so I'm not a pesty patient. Anyways I have called 4x in the last week and talked to her assistant asking for advise re: migraines. First I ran out of the samples of Relpax and insurance won't pay so she needs to write me a pre authorization or find a different brand. Also I can only tolerate 1 dose of relpax (migraine abortive med) so if it doesn't abort my migraine what should I do?

This are the simple questions I asked and she never calls back assistant or Doc. So than I call the next day and so on. Well since I don't have any meds I had a migraine last night that is still her tonight. Over 24hr but the pain isn't as severe as earlier so it must be coming to an end. Anyways I feel I shouldn't have to suffer without any meds or call back again and again. I want to tell her off because I am really upset that I'm not being helped but I don't have another doctor to turn to. At least not one with as much experience.

What is my next step? I need meds soon incase I get another migraine. (usually 2-3 a week) and I told them I need a response and they say they will call back and never do.. I'm angry. One even two days I can see but 4 , come on.

Any suggestion?

Migraines ****!!!!!!!!!! :D


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The joy of doctors. I agree with you making an appointment and discussing your present situation. If she is deliberately treating you this way leave and find someone else. I personally had a problem with a doctor the same as you. I phoned my Cardiologist and asked for a referral to a doctor. Due to the fact that we have something so rear he referred me to a good local doctor that would be willing to learn. He knew nothing about pots when I walked in. He has been wonderful and is learning more and more about pots. Over the years I have lost so much respect for doctor and don?t take there rubbish anymore. Don?t know what you talking about, well then GOODBYE.

Have you gone for tests to determine what is causing the migraines. I get migraines if I eat sugar. I eat 6 small meals a day with low fat and no sugar. I am on Anti depressants at the moment and it has made a wonderful difference in my life. I was having bad pressure head aches with aggression and no energy at all. I am feeling better everyday now. I had a Serotonin (spelling) deficiency. The joys of living in a body that never gives you a boring moment. And this is on top of the daily activity of pots. :D

Hope you feel better soon.

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Guest tearose

Hi Dayna,

Time to be more assertive!

Call and say, "I feel you are neglecting me and need EITHER have an answer OR to speak to the doctor by 2pm today!" Be insistent. If you don't hear by 2pm call and ask what happened? Ask for the administrator in charge and begin a DIPLOMATIC but formal complaint. Keep your cool but be your own advocate!!

good luck, tearose

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Hi Danya, You have been given lots of great advice. I hope it works out for you. It is hard to find a Dr who knows much about ANS stuff. If she is not able to help you with your migraines, I know of an excellant neurologist who specializes in migraines. She is in Racine and is a very well liked Dr. You can not see her for the ANSproblems. She used to be my neurologist before she decided to specialze in migraines. When I was diagnosed with POTS she sent me to a cardiologist. If you need someone else for the POTS my cardiologist is one of the best in the US. She gave me more information and advice than any neurologist that I have seen. She also spends a lot of time with you.

Take care,

Dawn A

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Sometimes, it's the staff and sometimes it's the doctor, you never know. But have they tried anything like topamax or something to prevent the headaches in the first place, as opposed to you having to get one and then treating it? I guess I would make an appt. and just discuss this with her. It is unacceptable. You can also call the office manager and explain what has happened. It is their job to make sure these things don't happen. If you ask for the manager, it usually puts them on their toes. If all else fails, it's time to find a new doctor. morgan

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