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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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Hi bigtrouble,

I have had two bouts of bowel issues with bleeding this past year. Both were diverticulitis and that is serious and needs to be treated by a doctor immediately.

Even if it is something other than diverticulitis, any bleeding while going to the bathroom needs to be checked out by a doctor immediately. There are several things that can cause bleeding and all of them need to be treated as soon as possible.

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Hi Katybug,

Diverticulitis? That is terrible. What did they do? I hope it can be treated with drugs and rest rather than an operation.

I am going to do to a GP today. I have had left upper abdominal pain for a few months now. A little stress and it would result in insane pain. Clonazepam helped. Then switched to venlafaxine 75 mg but the tiny pain was present at times.

The bleeding thing started last week, around dec 22.

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I have IBS(constipation), my IBS symptoms started after two diverticulitis episodes....antibiotics two forms(they made me feel worse) but cleared infection...

For me my abdomen contracts (spasms) as tho I am in labor. There are times I can see actual movement, and it feels as tho a baby is moving or kicking ( no uterus..so not possible) I also have get a ton of gas(many times both ways) that is hard to pass. Sometimes I get nauseous...sometimes I can see muscus in my stool...(don't mean to be gross). I have not 'seen' blood in my stool. I am not sure of your situation but if you have hard stool it can cause blood in stool, or even chronic diarrhea can cause it (think it causes little irritating of colon/ anus). If you are seeing dark or tarry stool please call your Dr. Right away,Well that was the advice I was given.

For my IBS they had me start with a high fiber diet ( with Phyllis husk) and mirlax. Recently they stared me on nortriptyline for the spams which has helped. Frequent small meals, and try to avoid heavy meals, specially greasy fatty foods.

One thing my GI Dr said that helped me is that if the pain/ spams continues, is consistent and gets worse, with chills, and possibly fever ( I never really got fever) that is a sign of diverticulitis, with IBS you notice that the spams/ pain will come and go. Hope that helps....

Best of luck!

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I went yesterday. I will have to go for a blood test and a echogradiogram. Then later on a colonoscopy. So, it is going to turn into multiple visits. I have some kind of a bump near my hole. It is possible that this is the part that is bleeding or perhaps the area near my stomach/intestine is bleeding.

That's ok Faye. I am not disgusted by anything. I don't have hard stool. I was losing weight for a while that I had not noticed. The stool was light brown and very broken up in aug 2015. I lost 11 kg (24 pound. I was 87 kg = 191 pound. I became 76 kg = 167 pounds). I noticed my pants were too big around the waste while it used to be tighter.
In the past 4 months, I slowly began to put on weight. 4 kg = 8.8 pounds. I am 80 kg = 176 pounds.

Oh yes, the stool is soft, it is more brown, but not totally dark like it used to be when I was normal.
It is thin perhaps because that bump near my hole.

Oh boy! This *****. It is just problems on top of problems.

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I'm so sorry your GI is being unkind, but so glad you were able to see a Dr and that they will be following thru with what is causing them. My GI Dr said I know it's tough but this may be trail and error but we will find what works for you. He and his medical assistant are very compassionate and listen to my long list of tummy issues as we try and figure it out...and am very grateful....

Hang in their, it's tough, keeping a 'poop and food' journal was suggested for me, and I am still trying to figure out what makes things worse, I have been able to find a few things that are 'triggers'. I hope you are able to get the appointments quickly.

Take care and be kind to yourself ;)

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Hello. I am back gain.

It seems that I have external hemorrhoids. It doesn't hurt but it isn't pleasant. It is itchy at times.

The blood test came back. A couple things are out of range this time while the last blood test from 3 months ago was normal.

They also did a echography of my abdomen. Liver is normal texture. Gallbladder has normal contours. No lithiase or dilation of gallbladder. Pancreas, kidneys, aorta, are normal. What is the name of that other organ near stomach that stores blood, that too is normal (called rate in french).

As for the blood:
Total biliburin = 19 umol/L (normal is 3 to 17)
Direct biliburin = 4 umol/L (normal is 0 to 3)
alanine transaminase (ALT) = 68 U/L (normal is 13 to 50)

Going to go for another blood test to test those values again.

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Thanks Katybug.

I went for the 2nd blood test.

They tested for 3 things this time : biliburin, alanine transaminase (ALT) and GGT.

GGT is new.

The doctor says that I have mild case of Gilbert Syndrome.

The left upper abdominal pain has basically disappeared. I just feel a kind of pressure or like there is something there at times.

Unfortunately, I am getting PVCs again (premature ventricular contractions).

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